Who Are Certified Lay Ministers?

Lay exhorters, preachers or class readers have all had the right to serve the church from the earliest times. In deference to the expression

What Should The Lay Minister Do About A Changed Missalette?

Is it okay for a couple to want to customize their program or missalette? It is not something that the parish does not allow.

Want To Become a Lay Minister

A few years ago, there were a number of lay people who felt like they wanted to preach and teach inside the church and

Training To Become A CLM (Certified Lay Minister)

There is a lot of desire among lay people to leave the pew and start doing more for the church today. This is where

Lay Minister Should Know – Wedding Planner Differs From Wedding Coordinator

Most people may believe that the Lay Minister and a Wedding Planner are the same person. But even though they can be just one

Pinning The Veil On The Bride As A Lay Minister

I was at a wedding recently where the mass commentator didn’t turn up. It’s at times such as these that people feel the most

How Hard It For Lay Ministers To Get Mass Readers?

When wedding couples are given the option of getting mass readers of their own, they usually get their relatives or friends to become a

How Lay Minister Can Stay Part Of Ministry Long Term

The average tenure for lay ministers is usually around 3 years. While this certainly is the case for most, there are ways in which